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  • Refugee Testimony

    Refugee Testimony

    In 1972 when ACROSS was established, one of the main activities was resettling South Sudanese who were returning  home after the 17 Years War. Later in 1979 when Ugandan refugees were fleeing war, ACROSS was again on the forefront of …
  • ACROSS E.D. Visits Boma Team

    ACROSS E.D. Visits Boma Team

    ACROSS Executive Director, Elisama Wani Daniel, visited the team in the Boma Field location. Boma is not an easy place to get to. Earlier in the month, Elisama greeted a driver preparing for the two-day drive to Boma with a …
  • Rapid Intervention for Displaced Persons

    Rapid Intervention for Displaced Persons

    ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­A recent rapid response project in partnership with PMU, the development wing of the Swedish Pentecostal Movement, funded through SMC addressed the dire humanitarian needs of newly displaced persons sheltering in Lainya County. Some families were found sheltering in Samson …
  • Church Engagement for C19

    Church Engagement for C19

    Ten (10) community mobilizers drawn from five (5) local Churches were selected and given a two day training on COVID-19, WASH and Community Transformation. In addition to the COVID-19 and WASH training, other topics on healing and community transformation like …
  • Flooding Worsens Human Suffering in Pibor

    Flooding Worsens Human Suffering in Pibor

    “There is a very significant flood, which is covering vast areas of the country”, said Matthew Hollingworth, WFP Country Director in South Sudan. “More than 36 counties of the country are under water, submerging entire villages, homes, farmsteads, killing livestock and putting an …
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