ACROSS field visit to projects in Bidibidi

Executive Director of ACROSS Elisama Wani Daniel and Head of Programs Levi Mogga Yona visited the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Projects. The second-largest refugee camp in the world, located in Yumbe District, northwest Uganda. More than 270,000 South Sudanese refugees live here after leaving their country due to war and unrest.

ACROSS has taken the lead on a number of initiatives in the Bidibidi settlement to improve the lives of refugees. Healing from trauma is one of the main initiatives; the body, mind, and soul come first. A person must be psychologically stable to reclaim their sense of stability and security and to settle in successfully. Through its New Hope trauma healing project, ACROSS helps refugees feel safer again, build stronger connections, take better care of their bodies, and feel more confident in themselves.

Trauma healing has changed people’s lives. One of the beneficiaries, a young woman who had endured a great deal of suffering, found solace through the work of New Hope Trauma Healing. She is now an active peacebuilder and trauma healer, assisting families who need comfort to find peace, joy, and hope. “I give God so much gratitude for ACROSS. These days, it makes me happy to see families living in relationships that are healthy.

I was hurt and rejected by my in-laws, suffered from not having a child, and felt hopeless at home until my pastor chose me to participate in the New Hope trauma treatment program. I started to trust God and pray for a child after discovering serenity, joy, and a positive attitude. Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayers and sending me a male child. I called my son Samuel Malish-ACROSS since it was thanks to Samuel ACROSS instruction that I was able to find hope and serenity. I’m giving my testimony and encouraging others who are struggling by telling them about moments of forgiveness and serenity. May God continue to richly reward ACROSS’s activities.

ACROSS ED standing with New Hope trauma healing worker, she attended ACROSS trauma healing workshop in Bidibidi 2, she could not believe that she can have a child now happy with her child Samuel Malish-ACROSS

In addition, ACROSS has reached out to a larger audience by preaching peace on community radio. Pastors share the gospel with the neighboring villages of Bidibidi #2. This has provided many people a fresh start in life after periods of hardship, suffering, forgiveness issues, and church abandonment. Some migrants can now attest to the new lease on life they received as a result of the messages played on the community radio.

“My family is at peace thanks to the community radio; before all this, my wife and I had a disagreement that led to our separation. I live alone with the children while she went to be with her family. I had stopped attending church, but the sermons on the community radio really helped. I was able to mend my relationship with God and resume church attendance. My spouse and I have likewise made amends, and we are living together amicably. God be praised for the effort done by ACROSS. Shared by a fifty-year-old man.

ACROSS’s social transformation program and community outreach have improved human and social situations by transforming people and enhancing society as a whole.

“Since we come from various tribes and churches, our village used to be divided, but as of right now, things have changed. We were divided before ACROSS brought us together and helped to bridge our differences, but now that ACROSS has transformed our neighborhood, we are unified”. As shared by one of the pastors on duty at Omugo 4.

The chairperson of the Refugee Welfare Council Village 4 confirmed this, stating that a member of the community police confirmed that, as a result of ACROSS’s significant work, there were fewer reported cases of criminality (fights, stealing, forced marriage, and sexual abuse) during the recent Christmas and New Year’s festivities. He recognized ACROSS as a legitimate organization that offers serve to the community.