South Sudanese Refugees Find Peace

The lives of South Sudanese refugees have been wrecked by war but Jesus brings peace.

Sadia was abandoned, first by her husband and then by her brothers. She and her children were forced to flee war in South Sudan. Placed in a refugee camp in Uganda, every day was a struggle. Sadia was trapped in pain and unforgiveness – repeatedly reliving how those she’d loved and trusted had left her.

But through the work of the ACROSS Children’s Ministry project, God changed Sadia’s life.

By listening to the Bible story of how Joseph forgave his brothers, Sadia found a way to forgive those who had left her and hurt her. Sadia found peace in Jesus.

But that’s not where her story ends. You see, people near Sadia noticed how she had been transformed. At one point, her children had feared losing her as she drank more and more. But now, Sadia is taking good care of her children. And she’s sharing what Jesus has done for her with other single mothers in the refugee camp.

Hayati like Sadia, is a lone mother, and had been tempted to despair.

With her husband caught up in the fighting in South Sudan, Hayati took her four children across the border to the refugee camp. Not knowing when or if she would see her husband again, Hayati lived in fear. Her husband’s parents were in the camp too, and there were frequent tensions between her and them. Hayati also felt under attack by evil spirits.

Then one day, like Sadia before her, Hayati was handed an audio player with the Bible story of Joseph and the message of Jesus.

Hayati  realised Jesus came to take away her pain and suffering and reunite her with God, and she decided to give her life to Jesus. She was able to forgive her parents-in-law and is no longer afraid of evil spirits — she knows she is under God’s protection. She is now a follower of Jesus, helping others to forgive each other and sharing the gospel of peace around the camp.

This is how change happens — person by person, disciple by disciple. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is at work in even the most challenging places.

In the refugee settlement where Sadia and Hayati live, more than 40 people have already decided to follow Jesus through trauma healing support groups begun ACROSS and co-workers among the refugees. In another settlement, 34 such groups have been started, where more than a dozen people so far have committed to follow Jesus, and at last count 43 disputes have been settled. People are finding peace in their hearts and then with each other, through Jesus. With your help, this kind of work can continue to flourish.