Integrated Life-Saving Response

ACROSS and PMU are long-standing partners in the implementation of life-saving and developmental projects amongst vulnerable people in South Sudan.

Registering Beneficiaries

The vulnerable communities served by this project are challenging to access and have largely been neglected by service providers. The regions have suffered cumulative shocks, both natural and man-made, including inter-communal conflict, drought, floods, locust invasion, and overall insecurity.

The Integrated Multi-sectoral Lifesaving Humanitarian Assistance project is ACROSS’s fourth phase of SIDA-funded projects in partnership with SMC and PMU. The project was needs-driven and designed to support the most vulnerable communities in three of the ten States in South Sudan: Boma – Kassingor (Jonglei), Kapoeta North and East (Nanyangacor/Kauto and Lotimor) of (Eastern Equatoria), and Lainya (Central Equatoria).

This project covered three thematic areas in the target locations – Kassingor: WASH only; Lainya: Food Security and Livelihoods; Kapoeta East (Kauto/Nanyangacor): WASH, FSL, and Nutrition; Lotimor: FSL and WASH.


  1. To reduce food insecurity through a combination of food distribution and livelihood support to enhance food production.
  2. To provide timely/sustainable and equitable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene thereby mitigating WASH related gender based violence (GBV).
  3. To increase equitable access and utilization of quality lifesaving nutrition services by early detection and treatment of acute malnutrition for children under 5 years and pregnant and lactating women.

ACROSS extends the gratitude of the South Sudanese people to PMU, SMC, and SIDA.