Sudan Literature Centre (SLC) supplies churches and organizations with small-run printing of books and publications. Popular titles include Shukuru Yesu and a variety of local language hymn and prayer books as well as full-colour children’s story books. SLC now offers ebooks through Amazon Kindle. Current titles are visible here:

Shukuru Yesu: A collection of Juba Arabic and English songs These are the classic Juba Arabic and other songs popularly used in Scripture Union student conferences in South Sudan. Many Juba Arabic songs were composed by South Sudanese musicians.
Lent and Easter: 40 short studies in simple English During the 40 days of Lent we remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness. Jesus fasted for 40 days to prepare for service. Our celebration of Easter is also a service to God:
Free from Deception: A story of James Wio, former witchdoctor This riveting story of the deception and dangers of witchcraft gives us a very necessary glimpse into the dark, spiritual realm that we often do not want to admit is present.
Safe in the Middle of a Battle What is it like to be a refugee? These stories by South Sudanese refugees tell of danger, but also protection by God. Read them to understand more about life in a troubled country, and also about the life of faith.
The Unique Power This book is about the power of a loving Person. The writers, like the champions of faith of old, know the great turning point taught by the Bible. They tell how the power of the Holy Spirit changed their lives,
Does God Really Care? A child without parents. A refugee without a home. A family without food. The writers share how they found hope when it seemed that God didn’t care.
Tithing: A Biblical investigation and evaluation (Kindle Edition) by Anthony Poggo This study looks at Old and New Testament teachings, and supplies a few clear, practical principles to guide Christians in their giving.
The Local Church in the Making: 20 years of Mission Excavated (Kindle Edition) by Hilary Adeba Bishop Hilary shares his insights into Church communities, and his belief in holistic transformation of human beings.