Beginning of ACROSS – Stage II

New Board – appointed 1975 – First meeting Nairobi 20-21 Feb.

AIM, SUM, MAF continuing plus Swedish Free Mission, TEAR (UK) Christoffel Blinden Mission (for several years) Deutsche Missions Gemeinscheft (DMG) Medical Assistant Program (MAP) and World Vision International.

SIM withdrew, saying their priority was Mission and not Relief and Development. Dr. Ken Tracey and Dr. Tony Atkins wished to continue in ACROSS so resigned from SIM and joined WVI so they could continue with ACROSS.

Within a year or so SIM rejoined the Board. Subsequently C.M.S. (UK), World Concern and Church of Christ in Nigeria (1978) joined the Board.

Stated Objectives

1. To offer help to the people of Southern Sudan in the reconstruction and development of their country.

2. Through this help to proclaim the love of Christ by word and deed and to demonstrate the concern of Christians for both spiritual and physical well- being of men and women.

3. To offer to the Christian Church in the Sudan such help as is feasible for its growth and well-being and to identify with the existing Church wherever opportunities arise.

In 1975 ACROSS was registered in Kenya. Up until that time all ACROSS workers were given work permits under AIM.