Championing Education leads to an ecstatic Life

Over the previous three years, ACROSS has improved the abilities of tutors and educators, mentors, volunteer instructors, Parents Teachers Associations (PTAs), and teachers in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Ruweng Administrative Area, and Jonglei with support from UNICEF.

Employing a triangle strategy to increase educators’ capacity to serve as mentors, including center and school-based approaches, as well as giving training materials to volunteer and participating teachers. Through orientation, ACROSS has been able to train 322 Parents Teachers Associations (PTAs), 1500 volunteer teachers, 1127 teachers, and 62 Educators/Tutors.

Teacher training sessions in Akobo Eas
PTAs group Photo in Uror Center, Jongle

To facilitate their job, the trained participants are provided with training materials.

Coursebooks distributed to Tutors.
Group photo after the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Training in Twic East

Our key Achievements

The trained teachers have been able to.

  1. Familiarize themselves with the new South Sudan Curriculum teaching pedagogy.
  2. Practice peer-to-peer engagement and reflection in their respective schools that help to ensure effective CPD program implementation in the school-based.
  3. Understand the assessment’s content and use it in their respective schools’ teaching and learning processes.
  4. The tutors gained knowledge and are capable of carrying out the CPD program effectively in their local environments.

Project sustainability and continuity

To create a pool of qualified teachers who can subsequently instruct others in the subject matter, ACROSS has carried out the orientation of 62 Tutors managing 23 centers in Jonglei, Greater Pibor Administrative Area, and Ruweng Administrative Area. These sessions are conducted to create a pool of competent instructors who can then mentor beginner trainers.

ToT Orientation in Juba

Nevertheless, despite ACROSS’s successes, there have been some difficulties.

  1. The commencement of training in Old Fangak and some counties, including Kurwach and Pigi Center, was delayed due to the military intelligence’s seizure and holding of training funds.
  2. Demanding complete accountability for the training, County Education Directors, and Tutors pushed trainees to overdemand finances and raise expectations by requesting T-shirts to set the program apart from others in the area and certificates prior to course completion.
  3. In some centers, the commencement of training was delayed due to inadequate teacher selection by County Education Directors and Headteachers. This required the teachers in these training facilities to undergo new screening.