Flooding Worsens Human Suffering in Pibor

“There is a very significant flood, which is covering vast areas of the country”, said Matthew Hollingworth, WFP Country Director in South Sudan. “More than 36 counties of the country are under water, submerging entire villages, homes, farmsteads, killing livestock and putting an end to livelihoods.” 

flooded home
Farms and homes destroyed by flooding
Flooded Compound
Flood waters threaten ACROSS compound.

Lubajo Bosco, ACROSS Food Security and Livelihood Office based in Pibor, reports flood waters have submerged nearly every portion of Pibor. “Only a few patches of dry land remain”. Many people have attempted to shelter in higher areas, like the primary school and the airstrip, but even these areas are now impacted by flood water.

IDPs at primary school compound
Displaced persons sheltering at primary school compound.

Amidst all the challenges of seasonal flooding comes a blessing. Thanks to funding from Help A Child, ACROSS now has a boat in Pibor which enables our team to continue to provide lifesaving interventions including training and COVID 19 response.

Thanks to Help a Child for partnering with ACROSS in life-saving interventions in Pibor.

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