A Dry and Thirsty Land

Kassengor Payam of Pibor county in Boma state is a place where food security and water/sanitation needs have been worsening, particularly among vulnerable and displaced persons. Residents continue to face challenges including inter-communal violence, fire, flood, economic hardship and aggravated gender based violence toward women and girls. Displaced women and girls are most vulnerable as they travel long distances to access water and may encounter violence along the way.

The majority of people in Kassengor still use untreated river and surface water for all their water needs. During the dry season, water is becoming increasingly scarce and people will walk several kilometres to find water in a stream or ditch along the road. Some women and girls walk more than 6 hours a day, leaving them little time for other activities, such as cultivating and caring for children.

To help address this issue ACROSS sent a team to rehabilitate three of the broken bore holes in the area and bring clean, safe water closer to those who so desperately need it. This year we plan to expand coverage by drilling new bore holes.

repairing the bor hole
Replacing the bore hole pipes
filling containers with water
People line up with containers to get the clean water.