Meetings between mission organizations (SUM, SIM, AIM and MAF)

In June 1972 Dr. Tracey visited Khartoum and Juba with several mission leaders – incl. D. Wellings SIM.

Sudan Government Vice President and Minister of Health warmly welcomed them and gave permission for surveys and immediate bringing of supplies from Uganda.

Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Forestry, Education and Housing all needing help.

Sudan Government was clearly told that in comparison to others their (CROSS) efforts would be small but that they would go where and do what others wouldn’t.

At that time other organisations had offered help but little action as yet.

The program was to have a clear Evangelical flavour although no possibility of a resumption of regular missionary work at that time.

However, Church leaders soon began to ask for help. Dr. Tracey and team were apparently free to develop their own program and permission was given to draw up detailed proposals for submission to Commission for Resettlement and Rehabilitation.

Government keen for evangelicals to work together. W.C.C. was saying all aid must come through them and S.C.C. but Government said CROSS should bring own administrators and control own money – not S.C.C. (Sudan Council of Churches).

The four missions agreed to set up a joint Committee for the Rehabilitation of Southern Sudan (CROSS). Name changed to ACROSS soon after (A – Africa).