Students Open Restaurant and Catering Centre on ACROSS Compound

Vocational training students studying catering and hospitality have opened a restaurant on the ACROSS compound in Juba. Divine Catering Restaurant is open each weekday for lunch and is also available to cater special events.

These catering students are part of a larger ACROSS project known as Empower and funded by the European Union. Empower is a collaborative effort of several organizations committed to serving vulnerable youth by equipping them with skills for a better future. ACROSS has a total of 120 students studying catering, auto mechanics and small engine repair, solar-power installation, and construction. An additional 60 students are enrolled in a pilot project for online learning.

The future of Divine Catering is to work toward sustainability so that future students can continue to benefit from the programme. ACROSS would also like to expand the restaurant and catering centre to include options for students to innovate and implement their own business ideas.